06 Maggio 2021

We do not follow trends: we set them!

MTS has an excellent team. A good company depends on good employees.
MTS's aggressive engineers are also music lovers. They build High-End audio with a firm and uncompromising belief.
We have a deep understanding of our important responsibilities to our customers. Any customer who buys our products will become a part of MTS. After nearly 10 years of hard work, Italian MTS car audio has been recognized by the Chinese market for its excellent products and won important awards at domestic and foreign competitions.
Products such as EV650.DSP6 have already exceeded 10,000 vehicles installed in China! What's more worth mentioning is that the Italian MTS car audio-visual system has become a cooperative product for the car audio-visual system development of many 4S stores.
Such as Audi, Toyota, Guangqi Honda, German Borgward, Changan Ford, etc. 4S stores.
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